F-A-Q - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: What purpose can the bulk SMS serve?

A.1: Bulks SMS can be used for promoting products & services, sending offers to the customers, informing special discount schemes to the customers etc.

Q.2: Can I see/ use a demo account or test the bulk SMS system?

A.2: Yes, we provide demo account to the interested customers. 05 SMS credits will be allotted for demo account.

Q.3: How will I come to know that my message is delivered or not?

A.3: In our online software we have the facility for customers to check the delivery reports for the SMS pushed in a day or a month or a year.

Q.4: Will the credit be refund for the undelivered messages?

A.4: Yes, but only for the SMS pushed on the DND numbers. We re-credit the account within 78 hours from the time the SMS is being sent.

Q.5: At a time, the message can be sent to how many people?

A.5: User can send maximum 1 million SMS at a time.

Q.6: Can I have multiple sender IDs?

A.6: No, Sender ID’s are not allowed for promotional SMS. Policy of TRAI, But for transaction route sender ID’s are allowed.

Q.7: Can scheduled SMS be send?

A.7: Yes, we have this facility in our online software to schedule the SMS.

Q.8: What browsers do SMSINDIAHUB support?

A.8: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer.

Q.9: Can special characters be used in the SMS?

A.9: Yes, you can send the SMS in special characters as well as in 15 Indian languages.

Q.10: How can I buy the Credits?

A.10: You can buy the SMS credits by paying us the total cost of SMS package in advance through direct cash deposit or payment through net-banking into our HDFC, SBI, BOB, IDBI, PNB Bank Accounts.

Q.11: What is the payment mode?

A.11: 100 % advance through cash deposit in our account or cheque deposit in our account.

Q.12: Will any extra amount/credits be charged for sending the SMS on special festivals/ occasions?

A.12: No.

Q.13: Can I purchase a new bundle plan with higher or lower units when the existing plan expires?

A.13: Yes. Also if you purchase new bundle plan with the higher or lower unit before your account gets expired, we will carry forward the remaining SMS credits in your account.

Q.14: Can I send personalized messages to my recipients with Bulk SMS from PC or Laptop?

A.14: Yes.

Q.15: Are the messages delivered to the DND Numbers?

A.15: No, Promotional or Marketing SMS are not allowed to be pushed on DND numbers. (TRAI Policy.)

Q.16: Why SMSINDIAHUB does not push SMS on DND numbers ?

A.16: Pushing promotional SMS on DND number is illegal and TRAI has imposed a penalty of INR 25000/- per SMS per number pushed on DND number. We purely work as per the government policy. No false commitments.

Q.17: Do you provide HTTP or XML API?

A.17: Yes, we do provide HTTP or XML API to use in our software along with the documentation on how to integrate it with your software.

Q.18: What is API?

A.18: API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs prove to be beneficial for the companies like phone service providers. API plays a vital role in SMS marketing and thus without API the whole process of SMS marketing cannot function properly. API’s are used for different applications, programs, etc. APIs can also be used for the web, multimedia, user interface, etc. No digital service can be accessed without API. Bulk SMS has gained immense popularity. The role of API is to provide an interface between different software systems. Bulk SMS API is a quickest way of delivering SMS Text messages to the intended recipient’s cell phones. API is of several types including general API and specific API.

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